CN Announces CN Social LTI Free to Sakai and Moodle LMS Users

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and an abrupt and widespread shift into online learning,
CourseNetworking has decided to offer CN Social LTI (CN Post) free for one year to all
educational institutions running Moodle and Sakai Learning Management System (LMS).
Interested schools should send a request to before May 31, 2020. 
In recent news, fears of the virus spreading further have caused most schools and universities
around the country to implement e-learning and distance-learning plans. Many teachers are now
searching for a viable option, and some are now required to use LMS software to promote
'social distancing.' CN Social as an LTI plugin to LMS can help foster and strengthen a sense of
community in classes forced to navigate teaching and learning online. 
CN Social LTI plugin can benefit courses in two ways. One reason is the educational benefit -
students can collaborate, share resources, and engage in the course and institution-related
discussions. The second reason, and possibly the more important reason during these difficult
times is that CN Social gives students and instructors a place to freely talk, lean on one another,
and maintain a sense of community. The CN Web app, which can be added to users' mobile
phone screen, offers a one-click way to get engaged with classmates, school mates, and
as quickly as they use Facebook and Instagram. 
Woman in Gray Sweater Drinking Coffee Social distancing, while having the potential to save lives, may have adverse effects on students'
mental health, sense of community, and overall fear and anxiety, according to NBC News.
The CDC recommends 'connecting with others' virtually to cope with stress and anxiety. 
Professor Jafari, Founder, and CEO of CourseNetworking have witnessed the greater need for
social learning. That is why he chose to move forward with Moodle and Sakai users because
"institutions that use open source LMS such as Moodle and Sakai and may not have the budget
or means to give their students a place to connect with their classmates. Here, CN Social can
definitely help," Jafari explained. CN Social can provide students a vital opportunity to give one
another mutual support and human connection that will help them get through a frightening time. 
If you are an institution using an open-source learning management system, such as Moodle or
Sakai, and are interested in the one-year free CN Social LTI integration, please contact us at

For more information on CN Social (CN Post) LTI please watch this introductory video.

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