CourseNetworking Rolls out New Features in Light of GDPR

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is considered a ruling that is intended to protect the data of citizens within the European Union. With GDPR, users are now equipped with a higher level of control over their personal data.

Who Should Follow GDPR

Basically, any business regardless of the physical location of the company if offered good or service to EU citizens needs to follow the GDPR. In addition, any business that holds personal data of EU citizens can be held accountable under the GDPR.

The Most Common Personal Info

If we wanted to list personal data types, it would be endless. Instead, here is a list of most common personal data fields, many of which we collect from our CN users:

Email Address and the other contact info
Social Media Activities
IP Address
Data Subject (user) Rights

Users have rights regarding his/her personal data that is shared with a business and these rights need to be fulfilled by the business entity. They are listed as follows:

  • Right to actively consent or limit every use of personal data (clear and user-friendly)
  • The right to be forgotten
  • The right to have personal data easily reviewable and portable

So how does this affect our users?

We developed the following:
  1. Thoroughly updated, refined and simplified Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  2. Ensured Data Transfer Protection through AWS Privacy Shield
  3. Created Data Protection Agreement (DPA)
  4. Created GDPR helpdesk article
  5. Created new security and privacy-oriented features
These new privacy features include a one-stop-shop Security and Privacy Checkup tool for users to quickly, and completely check on their privacy and personal data usage settings and preferences. It gives users the freedom to review and modify their account security, profile privacy, ePortfolio visibility, and social activity.

Author: Allie Wigginton

Co-Author: Maziar Aboualizadeh

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