How ePortfolio Saved the Day

At CN we strive to change the way the world learns. Lately, we have put most of our team efforts into our CN Social ePortfolio. Last week, we were fortunate enough to receive this email from a teacher about how our ePortfolio helped one of her students in an unexpected way.

"I was getting ready to go home this afternoon, when I received a notification from CN. It was one of my students that was locked out of her house and scared! There have been break-ins in her neighborhood. The neighbors she could go to were not home.

She has the smarts to use her ePortfolio to contact me.  I tried calling mom with no luck, so Grandma came to the rescue.

I drove over so she could sit in my car, have company, and some heat until grandma arrived 20 minutes later. I’m so impressed that she remembered to notify me!!

So… ePortfolio saved the day!!"

We are so happy our product could help in a situation like this. However, we are even more proud of this student for applying her excellent problem-solving skills and intuition to get out of a scary situation.

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