Gather Around - First CN Consortium Meeting Recap

On Thursday, April 19th the CN Consortium and all members met for the very first time at MSD Decatur Township Schools. We were joined by Greater Clark Schools, Purdue Polytechnic, Decatur Schools, Kappa Delta Pi, Martinsville School District, Saint Xavier University, the Mayor's Office, IN Department of Education, and the IN Department of Workforce Development.

The ePortfolio-focused meeting began with presentations from Ali Jafari and ePortfolio demos from the CN Team, followed by outstanding ePortfolio student-example show and tells from Decatur members. In the afternoon, participants joined an interactive design session to offer feedback and suggestions to the CN team.

Modern times call for a modern way to showcase student achievements and work. That's why this consortium of talented, educated individuals is so vital to CN and the development of useful tools. Nate Davis explained the purpose flawlessly, stating,

"Students are more than a test score or a research paper grade.... this [ePortfolio] gives students the opportunity to be more engaged, we're valuing their ability to demonstrate their own proficiency instead of focusing on one or two tests all year long."

It is essential to CN to gather feedback, innovative ideas and overall needs of each potential user. Our attendees split up into groups to think of a need they see that CN should focus on fulfilling. Once they established a need, they were encouraged to come up with as many solutions they could think of and even draw design examples if they wanted to.

This spurred great ideas, including the following needs and questions:
  • How can CN use data to show the impact of our platform?
  • How can the State of IN (or individual institutions) use CN to represent components of graduation requirements?
  • The need to connect objective data to soft skills
  • Badge suggestion engine
  • Badges that have renewal reminders for certification purposes like teaching licenses, etc.
  • Automated prompting
  • Stock badges and certifications
  • ePortfolio templates for admin use
  • Standards for different pathways or certifications
This event was informative, insightful and, most importantly, an innovative way to bring passionate educators together - even virtually!

If you are interested in joining our consortium - please see our consortium webpage. The CN Consortium will hold regular meetings, each hosted at a different member institution; the next meeting will be in June.

Special thanks to Alexa Clingerman, our Project Coordinator for organizing this event, Nate Davis and MSD Decatur Township for hosting and presenting at the meeting, and all attendees for joining us.

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