Insight from Students on the CN Social Portfolio Tool

We recently held our first CN Student Chat Luncheon, hosted at the IUPUI CyberLab, and discussed ePortfolio use with undergraduate students.

Attendees included December 2016 Student Portfolio contest winners, Hannah Oliver and Gordon Shao. The discussion took off as ePortfolio tools were reviewed and the students described their academic experiences. Pre-nursing student, Hannah Oliver, used the CN Portfolio tool in her IUPUI First Year Seminar course. Hannah explained that in the past, she had only ever used for her ePortfolio. In comparison, she thought that CN was “[a] much easier to create and navigate and that the CN Portfolio was geared more towards students.” Hannah elaborated further by adding that she liked being able to link the CN Portfolio to her other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

 Business student, Gordon Shao, told the CN team that, in his opinion, “CN offers a well-developed comprehensive Portfolio tool.” He hopes that more students would use CN so that the academic social networking aspect of it will be more meaningful and attractive. Gordon’s CN portfolio

 One student, who was unable to attend the event submitted answers to a few of our questions electronically. When asked what her favorite part about the eportfolio was, Justice Pacheo, a Pre-Dental Hygiene student, responded by saying, “You can present yourself professionally while also being yourself.” Justice rated the site a 5/5 and agreed that her CN Portoflio would help her get a job or internship in the future and she concluded by saying

“CN [Portfolio] is very simple and easy going unlike the other portfolio templates.”

If you’re interested in using CN for your students or creating your own portfolio – create an account today at

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