Perfect your CN Portfolio in 5 Easy Steps

The CN user profile page actually doubles as an ePortfolio page, a page that remains and can be maintained and shared even after a student graduates from an institution. The page link may be distributed and those who have the link can see your page without creating an account on CN. Learning evidences, such as user-created posts and received badges are automatically collected and displayed on this page. Users can also determine the visibility setting of each section. For example, they can hide their social engagement graphic from the public and only make it visible to classmates. Helpful right? Well that’s not all – follow these next 5 tips to perfect your portfolio:

1. Basic Info - Complete all of the fields under "Basic Information", everything from your email to your major and interests. By doing this, you'll automatically earn 100 Anar Seeds on CN, and more importantly, you'll get the chance to develop a more meaningful academic social network.

2. Add Institution Logos - Logos appear at the top or your ePortfolio and serve as a "visual resume"; they describe prior work experience, education, organization affiliation and more. These Institution Logos make your ePortfolio more visually appealing and help busy recruiters "read" your experience at a glance.

3. Add Showcase Folders and Documents - Add documents, transcripts, certificates or resumes to this section, you decide! Then organize them into folders based on courses, learning outcomes or competencies. You can even share the link to a file or an entire folder, or choose from one of the visibility settings: public, employers, instructor, classmates, only me or password protect it. Color code folders to further customize your showcases. 

4. Add Sections - Below the "Social Engagement" section, you can add sections to bring your portfolio to life. What does this mean? You can add your resume, skills, your best paper, a great group project, internship and work experience, received awards, photos, links, videos, PowerPoints and more. It’s all through a simple HTML editor. You can further customize the look of a section by adding tables.

5. Showcase More Content by Making it Available to the Public - Remember when we said that CN automatically collects your learning evidences? Well, you get to choose what can be viewed by the public and what cannot, what we refer to hiding or showing posts on your ePortfolio. Go to the bottom of your ePortoflio and look at your posts. If you see any valuable posts you shared within a course, group or network, you can choose to make it visible to the public so your hard work won’t go unnoticed by those viewing your ePortfolio. 

To learn more about the CN Portfolio, please watch this tutorial video:

Follow this link to visit a complete user portfolio:

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