CourseNetworking teams up with Leaderonomics and jumps into the Corporate Segment

CourseNetworking’s partnership with Leaderonomics, a social enterprise in Malaysia dedicated to growing people through leadership development, was officiated with the launch of Digital Learning on on March 9th 2016.

Leaderonomics’ sought after mission, to grow people into leaders, motivated them to focus on Small to Medium Enterprises (SME). This focus was driven by the desire to provide SMEs with a consistent, planned and affordable way to develop their employees, and in turn, grow their companies. This is where CourseNetworking comes in.

(From left) Ang Hui Ming, CFO and COO of Leaderonomics, Roshan Thiran,
CEO of Leaderonomics, Dr. Ali Jafari, CEO of CourseNetworking and
Mien Dee Yong, Director of CourseNetworking

The CN’s easily accessible, affordable and up-to-date platform was sought out to complement Leaderonomics’ traditional face-to-face development trainings. According to Leaderonomics, their engagement in professional development is based on retention, employee attitudes, improved performance and customer service. The CN platform was selected as a driving force for engagement in the professional learning process, specifically for the Anar Seed reward system, badges, posts and reflections, analytics, and the overall collaborative discussion feel. CourseNetworking CEO explained,

“The gamification and competition components that the CN platform provides, is something that we always felt would keep learners active and engaged, and that way increase their participation as well.”

Analytics were also deemed essential in tracking Leaderonomics learners’ progress. The courses they choose, how and at what point they leave a course incomplete, how many quizzes they complete and the number of attempts it takes, and how often and in which ways they interact with other learners on the platform. These core analytics will help indicate how much knowledge learners acquire, and their engagement and interest in the learning process as well.

Roshan Thiran, CEO of Leaderonomics, added,

 “Our mission being to grow people into Leaders, we want to be able to reach as many people as possible and give them the tools and knowledge necessary to be the right leaders we all need in our organizations, and in our nation as a whole. In partnering with the CN, Leaderonomics feels that we can reach and impact more people than ever before and through an engaging, rewarding and stimulating platform and user experience, allow these people to build their leadership abilities and be the leaders we would like to see in this world.”

 As for the future, Leaderonomics hopes this recent launch will be well received by the SME community and anticipate being able to work on many more course topics. Their goals are to expand the library of courses offered on the CN, constantly improve course design, and utilize additional functions and features on All of this will allow for a more advanced system to deliver information, assess and compile feedback and further track learner’s activities. The March 9th launch took-off smoothly and both CourseNetworking and Leaderonomics are excited to assess the results and continue professional leadership development together.

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