CN Chat Luncheon Hosted by CTL at IUPUI

Thursday, March 3, 2016 from 12-1:30 pm, the first CN Chat Luncheon, hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning at IUPUI, began discussion on CN Post as an LTI tool in IU Canvas.

Saint Xavier Professor Norman Boyer and IUPUI Professor
Darrell Bailey chat over lunch
Attendees included professors, CyberLab and CTL staff. The discussion took off as educational tools were demonstrated. While showcasing the CN Post, IUPUI Biology professor Jim Marrs’ class was highlighted as he explained his use of polls and hashtags to engage students in sample exam questions.

Hashtags, analytics, Anar Seeds, Posts, Badges, the use of Global Classmates and future technological endeavors of CN were discussed among faculty and educators. Instructor discussion fuels the innovative works of CourseNetworking and this new luncheon is one way to introduce CN Post to more IUPUI faculty members; all a part of the mission: To change the way the world learns.


  1. Thanks for the pic. Now I can prove to my department chair that I actually did miss class for business! Great session, and I met a former colleague in the next office!

  2. Thanks for the picture. Now I can prove to my chairperson that I actually was away on business! It was an excellent session, and on top of that I met a former colleague in the next office!


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