CN Badges and Micro Certification in Education

Digital badges are trending among EdTech enthusiasts, educators, and training programs alike. Aiding and even at times replacing their outdated assessment counterparts, these badges are part of a larger topic known as micro certification.

According to Teach&Learning these credentials are used to:
  • Identify skills and individual work
  • Recognize academic honors and diplomas
  • Represent completion of certain courses or training
  • Professional development
  • Teacher Education

They are usually stored on ePortfolios or Mozilla Backpack.

What does all of this have to do with CourseNetworking? 

Last month we welcomed in our newest feature--CN Badge. The CN Badge allows instructors and institutions to recognize students for their accomplishments and participation in courses. Badge recipients can display their badges on their CN Portfolio, email them, or push them to other social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. They can also collect and display them in their Mozilla Backpack, an open badge infrastructure. A series of system predefined badges available to instructors include Best Paper, Critical Thinker, Creative Thinker, Anar Badge, Top 10%, and more. On CN instructors also have the opportunity to create their own badges for students. Soon CN licensed institutions will be able to award badges to students on the Dean’s list, those who have graduated with honors, etc.

Check out our new badge feature on CN today.


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