Malaysia Market: UBER Partners with CourseNetworking

UBER is partnering with CN because UBER sees value in what CN can bring to the world of education.

3 Key Changes CN Can Provide to the Education World

1) Conventional classroom walls can be broken-down

Common Learning Management Systems used by educational institutions allow students and lecturers of a given class to communicate only among one another, restricting ideas to only individuals in the particular class. With Global Classmate feature in CN, the walls are broken-down by allowing members of a given classroom to connect with people outside the classroom. The possibilities of exploring new ideas and perspectives globally are endless and can help pave the way for innovation as new ideas are bred.

2) Learning is social
Are you a person who enjoys learning with your friends? Based on our CN users’ responses, we found that most people prefer to study in a group or in pairs. This learning style encourages discussion and the flow of ideas. With that being said, the interface that CN offers poses a similar structure to your common social media platforms. CN includes features that mirror platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as we emphasize the social networking aspect. This maximizes the experience of learning with others, as well as encourages further engagement among learners.

3) Global learning is the way to go

Advancing technology makes communicating with others over long distances easier than ever before. On CN, users from all over the world-spanning across 150 countries, are experiencing a new way of learning via various tools and features available to our users. Specifically our live conferencing ClassCast feature on CN; this tool is similar to Google Hangouts or Skype and improves learning and communication by making online lectures and presentations flow with ease. Users can also combine the seamless video conferencing tool with tools like Polls, and Quizzes to change the entire interactive learning experience.

The world of Learning Management Systems is changed once more by CourseNetworking. Our technology disrupts the traditional world of education, much like UBER disrupted the world of transportation. You didn’t know technology could be this cool, did you?

*To celebrate our partnership with UBER, we are offering 2 FREE UBER rides worth RM 30 each to our CN blog readers* -CLICK THE LINK BELOW
-only applicable to those located in Malaysia

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