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Microlearning is the name given to the trend that has been transforming our society for years. It is a form of teaching and learning by the way of small increments and short, concise “bite size” content. Microlearning can take many forms – one being in the form of a microblog, the most famous one, known as Twitter.

This trend came to be alongside evolving technology. With handheld computers, smartphones, apps and the pace of life increasing more each day, our learning had no choice but to evolve. This trend soon took on the workforce, making training- especially for millennials easier. It became the preferred option. According to, microlearning is meant to be engaging, relevant, and “consumed at the time of need” for learners. One of the most important platforms for microlearning is video because it engages learners and has been shown to have higher learner retention rates.

Other benefits of applying microlearning include:
  • Time efficient for instructors and learners
  •  Flexibility of mobile learning through multi-media “on the go”
  •  Significantly reduces risk of becoming overwhelmed with learning content
  • Ability to be carried out in a variety of ways: email, video, online posts, chat sessions, or short presentations

CN ( has embraced the microlearning trend and intends to continue helping learners achieve better learning outcomes while helping instructors apply innovative pedagogies. Learners create short posts related to course content and use hashtags to search for “bite size” specific posts created by their peers. The ability to embed images, videos and files helps aid the engaging aspect of microlearning and expands the scope of learning. Mobility is also an important benefit of microlearning and CourseNetworking continues to improve and develop the CN mobile app to help learners stay connected and learn on the go. In addition, CN includes essential, traditional learning management features such as GradeBook, DropBox, Email, and Quizzes; paired with the social, engaging environment that includes the Eportfolio, post and poll interactions, the Anar Seed reward system and badges. The CN has even taken it a step further by including the Global Classmates feature; it can be used to increase the variety of the learning opportunities, by allowing students and instructors to connect with similar learners, instructors, and courses globally. The possibilities are endless and microlearning is only expected to become more relevant as technology advances.

Multimedia Embedded Course Post with Reflections 


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  1. Microlearning has two major benefits - learning 'on the go' and small amounts of content. When it comes to the first one - learning anywhere and anytime is always welcomed by learners. Highly convenient allows people to manage their time efficiently. When it comes to the latter - content divided in small chunks improve knowledge retention what's proven by researchers. So agreed, microlearning will gain more fans in the near future ;)


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