The CN at the William M. Plater Institute Conference

On October 23, 2014 the CN took part in the William M. Plater Institute Conference at the Campus Center of IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University-Indianapolis). This program covered many aspects of online learning and the integration of learning with technology. Attendees of the conference were able to listen to speakers who are well versed in online learning, ask questions to a panel of online educators, and have conversations with other participants at the event.

The role the CN took was to host a discussion table where faculty and staff from multiple IU (Indiana University) campuses could come to learn about the CN and the work done by its R&D laboratory, the IUPUI CyberLab. Many that visited the table were excited to hear about the upcoming release of the CN Version 4. Some visitors were already users of the CN and wanted to get familiarized with the new layout and features while others who hadn’t heard of the CN were intrigued by the system and saw very practical uses for classes they were currently teaching. Explaining the anar seed reward system and the possibilities for connecting courses on the cn really excited the listeners as something that would make eLearning simpler and more effective. Overall the William M. Plater Institute Conference was a great opportunity for the CN and the CyberLab to introduce their innovative educational product to IU faculty and staff who were looking for the next best way to engage students online.

“Changing the Way the World Learns”

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