The CN Release of V4

       The CN is proud to announce that an innovative 
new update will be coming to the CN users!
 A new version of the CN, V4, will be introducing many new features, a modernized look, and higher usability. Additions to the site include social portfolios for users, a calendar tool, hashtag functions, more learning analytics, and full rubric functionality within the DropBox and GradeBook. These additions, along with the changes to the look of the site, were created to become more attractive to the new generation of young learners. The higher education demographic is always changing and the CN is using this update to set the curve for social and educational learning systems.
        The Associate Director of the IUPUI Cyberlab, Alice Zhao, believes the calendar will help the CN users immensely by allowing instructors to effectively organize and announce learning activities, while students will be able to clearly keep track of assignments. She was also excited by the social portfolio and its ability to showcase users’ academic achievements. “The unique personalized user profile will be adding a lot of fun to the system and gives users the opportunity to enrich and expand their academic connections,” said Alice.
        Mien Dee Yong, the Director of Business Development for CourseNetworking, explained that the new release has proved to be attractive to prospective users and institutions. The simplified management of data and the exciting new features are anticipated to help the CN users enjoy their experience more than ever before. Mien Dee further stated, “Everyone loves a system that can be adopted easily and has appealing features that they use frequently. The development and thinking behind the release of V4 has been based on our constant feedback from our users. We believe listening to what our users need is key in ensuring that the CN is used globally and will be successful in changing the way the world learns.”
        Social media sites are grasping the interest of current young learners and Ali Jafari, the Founder and CEO of the CN, explained the need for using systems with a social aspect. There is currently more necessity for systems that can also hold a user’s attention and adapt ideas into a learning environment. These traits are what learning systems need to become to be more successful.  He believes that IT can, and should play a major role in education and hopes that this update will motive students and faculty to use this social learning environment more. Ali is excited to grow the CN by gaining more insight from these updates. Looking into the future beyond this update, Ali had the following to say, “The CN is getting better all the time. It is a system that will continue to grow and adapt to the users, and this makes the CN an excellent way to teach and learn on a global scale.”

The new release is expected to be available 
to all users around the world by end of October

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