Video Production: IUPUI CGT Professor describes CN as a "Collection Location"

An Assistant Professor in Computer Graphics Technology within the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) and a former Lecturer in Visual Communication Technology at Bowling Green State University, Chris Rogers has proved to be a versatile educator with a background in different learning environments. His interests in technology integration and media to educate a variety of groups, from students to non-profit organizations, continues to drive his passion to discover the most up-to-date, innovative tools he can use next. For example, in his eight-week hybrid video production and motion design course this semester, Dr. Rogers’ students should expect to be responsible for critiquing and researching different materials based on the intensive components that form a hybrid course. Students need a way of compiling the information they gather in what Chris calls, “a collection location” that will allow them to share mass amounts of information in an organized, effective, and fun environment.

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After using CN in previous courses, his knowledge in education and technology has inspired him to use the social learning site once again, which has given CN advocates, members, and prospective learners the satisfaction of realizing just how pervasive the networking system can be.

Dr. Rogers commented on some of his favorite features of the site. “It’s a way learners can quickly receive and disperse information,” he stated. Professionals like Rogers constantly remind us why companies like CN require a constant channel of new ideas, innovative methods and features that are unique to the site. For example, Chris found the Anar seed incentive to resonate quite well with his students because it was a point system that, “could be seen,” and it was for that reason students had a desire to participate and contribute to the course. Chris also appreciated the mobile learning that came with the network. iPhone and Android programmers built the app for the site within the past year and as they continue to modify and update it, the ability to learn outside of school proves to, yet again, influence the way students stay connected to their courses even when they are not in class. 

As a professional who works in a variety of fields, it was easy for Chris to describe why CN is important for the real world and how it could reform his concentrations specifically. “We live in a world full of millennials,” he explained. “These individuals use social engagement on a daily basis when they interact with each other and now they’re using it for problem solving.” Dr. Rogers shared some his favorite features of the network, ranging from discussions he can have with other learners to the post and poll features that allow students to build their own collection of data based on course topics. “CN adds an aspect to course design that other learning platforms can’t,” Rogers noted. Chris also mentioned that within the video production industry specifically, information that couldn’t always be shared was now easier to share than before with others in the same field, from technical activities like effective lighting tutorials and collaboration on projects.

Add “Advocate for Innovative Learning” to Chris Rogers’ resume and educational history: he continues to strengthen CN’s initiatives that are being set forth in higher education, more specifically, within technology that makes learning new concepts and ideas a little easier and a lot more fun. “I’ll continue to push this learning platform,” Rogers concluded.

While professors continue to push CN, CN continues the push into the future and change the way industries, like video production, learn.

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