CN T-Shirt Contest Participants Produce Winning Designs

The first ever CN T-Shirt Contest 2013 ( proved to be a great success. Over seventy submissions came in from all over the world and we were thrilled at the responses we gained from our CN users and followers on social media. After collaborating with our judges, we chose three designs that will reflect Course Networking’s social learning environment in creative, eye-catching ways that will help promote its relevance in the field of higher education technology.

Marc Hedlund, Winner of Contest

Marc Hedlund, a web and graphic design employee for the University College at IUPUI, was the first place winner of the contest. Judge Beth Lykins of Informatics described his work as, “eye catching and well balanced.” She also commented that his design “uses color well, uses the logo in an original and creative way that stands out from other submissions, and really conveys what CN is about.” Robert Horvath of Herron School of Art and Design called Hedlund’s design “interesting” by the way it incorporates texts and graphics and Dan Baldwin of Computer Graphics Technology found it, “Simple and straightforward without leaning too much on gimmicky effects.” Hedlund stopped by the CyberLab last week and shared his experience using the network.

“I heard about the contest through advertisements and flyers and I figured I could definitely use the extra money if I won,” Hedlund explained. “This was my first experience with CN,” he admitted. “But I found the ANAR* seed concept to be an interesting feature of the site.” 

Marc’s design, along with second place winner Manpreet Singh and third place winner Tom Leibrock, had elements that included good use of the network’s tagline, color variation, ways of displaying global learning, and other features that CN wanted to implement in the designs chosen for the contest. Hedlund also helped the CN by offering some feedback on how he thinks CN would be more beneficial to students on campus:

“I think it would be cool to have a search function that allows students to be able to find other students on campus who share the same major,” he suggested. This type of major networking could help students connect more efficiently on campus and allow students to communicate based on course and field interests. CN has plans of developing a concept similar to this in the new year and looks forward to creating other innovative techniques to help link more learners together. 

The CN is very excited to begin printing its top three designs (shown below) and is looking forward to doing more of these contests as it continues to grow. 

First Place Design, Artist: Marc Hedlund
Third Place Design, Artist: Tom Leibrock
Second Place Design, Artist: Manpreet Singh

*Anar(Pomegranate) Seeds is the rewarding system in CN. CN rewards students with Anar seeds once they complete different learning activates. For example, users will gain 10 Anar seeds by default once they create a post or poll. With Anar Seeds, students are engaged more in social learning and instructors get the assistance to easily track student participation.

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