Upgrading CN's Partners in Research and Development

The new SELB Building off New York Street, Indianapolis
The CyberLab team is proud to announce its most recent renovation and upgrade on campus! Formerly located in the School of Engineering and Technology, the IUPUI CyberLab's new home office is on the first floor of SELB! This new building will be the area for labs for those who are in the School of ET, but it has also been equipped with brand new furniture and study tables for students to study and socialize in its main lobby area. Pictures below have included captions explaining some rooms of our office specifically, as well as some photos of the actual building.

Front doors of the Office
Our biggest thanks goes out to the workers, faculty, and officials whose hard work built the facility so quickly! And of course, thank you IUPUI for helping make the CyberLab a more advanced and modern research and development center! We're looking forward to having more presence on campus in efforts to promote Course Networking and other future projects!
Research and Development Lab

Conference Room
-IUPUI CyberLab

Outside glass panels with monitors

Frames of Past Projects

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