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      Welcome to the CN Collection: a reference blog that will focus on how active CN users have incorporated social learning into their courses and in their everyday applications. Course Networking is a combination of learning management tools and social networking applications that allow learners and instructors to share ideas and assess their learning  in a safe, user-friendly, online environment. You’ll see posts from learners and instructors who use CN from different fields in helpful and effective ways to generate dialogue and problem solving in course work and real world applications.

       The CN Collection will also reflect on and assess trends in fields relevant to educational technology. As an up-and-coming academic social network, it will provide the latest techniques that professors and students are employing in CN to create strong impacts in their academic, creative, personal, and workplace settings.

     We are open to contributions and new ways to share how CN is changing the way the world learns. If you have suggestions or would like to offer feedback on our blog content, send an email or message to:

CN Number: JH144

Follow the official CN account on Twitter: @coursenetwork and Like the official CourseNetworking page on Facebook!

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